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So happy you’ve found my TruVision Health website. Just a quick bit of information and then, please take your time and discover just how easy living a healthier lifestyle can be!

I joined TruVision Health on the 23rd of January, 2015. Since then, this company has changed my life like I’ve never imagined possible.

  • I’m down 26.6 pounds as of 6/20/15 (without changing diet or exercising)
  • I’m down 5 inches in just my waist and a little over 4 pant sizes.
  • I have energy despite my lovely two year old waking every 2-3 hours at night.
  • After 3 weeks I’ve been able to completely stop drinking my Pepsi which I was having 3-5 a day. I actually can’t even stand the taste now.
  • I am now up to 90 ounces of water (3/28/15) that I actually crave a day whereas before TruVision Health, the taste/thought of water made me want to gag so I would maybe drink a glass of water every few weeks.
  • My cramps, during that time of the month, have STOPPED! I use to have to take prescription meds to be able to move off the couch.
  • I was having heart palpitations 2-5 times a week due to being overweight I believe, and now they’ve stopped.
  • I was having to take heavy painkillers due to a cheerleading accident from high school that gave me chronic back pain, leaving me confined to my recliner come 2:00 pm cause I wasn’t able to move at all. After 3 weeks on TruVision Health’s COMBOpack, I haven’t had to take anything other than an ibuprofen when I have a full day of extensive physical labor!

I’ll update this as I see more of my health improving, but just wanted to share my personal success story. This company is changing lives everyday, just check out the truSTORIES section or before and after photos below.



TruVision Health now offers our truFix and truWeight & Energy supplements in the countries below. Simply click on your country to be directed to our TruVision Health Direct website to purchase.

If you’re in the United States or Canada, our full line of products is available HEREAustralia or New Zealand, you can order the truFix, truWeight & Energy and our essential oil line HERE.

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TruVision Health Testimonials

Wow!!! After two kids and many pounds gained, I am finally feeling and looking like I did before I had children. I needed something to help me get in gear and these pills were the answer. I feel better than I have in years, I am a TruVision believer!!
Soooo thankful for my renewed health and being able to enjoy my Grand babies. Been on TruVision just a little over a month and the energy I have is soooo awesome. Because of Fibromyalgia pain and fatigue and the depression it caused I was in bed a lot, now I have my life back and can't begin to tell u how grateful I am.
Ruth E.
I've started my 3rd week of TruVision and I'm down 16 lbs and numerous inches. The picture on the right in the blue shirt is before I started and the pic on the left black shirt is of today. Before I started the black button up was really snug and tight. Not anymore what I really like about TruVision Health products is the way I feel, I haven't felt this good in a long time and the weight loss is a bonus. I had major knee surgery in January and gained a lot of weight knee was always bugging me and hurting. For over a week now my knee has felt great I'm a believer in this product.
David C.
It's been 7 days since I started this journey and it has been great! I lost 7 lbs in one week! I changed my diet significantly. I only ate fruits and veggies and lots of protein! I have not really exercised more than my normal routine like cleaning the house and chasing after 3 kids. This is my before and after pics. I feel great! Oh and I did not have any detoxing symptoms. I also have Hashimotos disease and this was the very first week that I wasn't affected by symptoms of Hashimotos! Life changing. I am a customer for life now!
Alicia M.
68 lbs. lost in 10 months..... 270 lbs to 202, size 26 pants to 14, 3x shirts to large & x-large....... love my TruVision journey, 62 lbs left to lose.
Melanie H.
30 lbs later and I'm still going strong!!! Love my TruVision!
Melissa W.
I have used TruVision for 1 month and I am down 23 pounds!!
Christina J.
In one year on TruVision Health, I'm down 92 pounds, and have got rid of my depression and anxiety in a natural way.
April F.
Day # 19 - Ive lost 16.4 lbs. and lots of inches. I've had no sugar or cokes. I'm down two sizes in jeans. I'm sleeping so much better. I've stepped on the scales a few times, and had to look twice to make sure I read them right. The best part is when someone says, "Wow, I sure can tell you've lost weight." I am working out, lifting weights to sculpt my shoulders, back and arms. Using resistance bands and dancing a lot. Eating healthier and smaller portions. This has worked great for me.
Rhonda C.
From start to middle to now. I've been at the 50lb Mark for awhile and can't wait to break that pound plateau but inches keep melting away.
Heather B.