10 Ways To Sneak More Veggies Into Your Life Without Even Noticing

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Hey, what’s up? Hello kale. A registered dietitian shares her best tips.

Hi, I’m Jessica Jones. As a registered dietitian I recommend that my patients eat at least three cups of vegetables per day—everyday.

Here’s the deal. It’s pretty much impossible to eat a healthy diet that doesn’t include any vegetables. Not only do vegetables taste dreamy, they have amazing health benefits that will help you feel fantastic from the inside out.

Low in calories? Check. High in phytochemicals? Check. Bursting at the seams with vitamins and minerals? Check. Check.

As a registered dietitian, fiber is my best friend, and vegetables are loaded with this, too. And as I said, I generally recommend that my patients eat at least three cups of vegetables per day—everyday. I get that this may seem hard, but bear with me.

Here are 10 ways to sneak veggies into your life. 

1. Vegetables and pizza are a match made in food heaven.

Arugula Pizza

Courtesy of Jessica Jones

This arugula pizza will make your heart sing, and it only takes 16 minutes to prepare. All you do is buy a frozen pizza crust (I usually get mine from Trader Joes; they also have a great gluten free option at Whole Foods), a small can of tomato paste, and two cups of veggies to top if off. Start by sautéing the vegetables in a teaspoon of olive oil (I also used onions and tomatoes here). Next, add a layer of tomato paste to your pizza dough, then top with the cooked vegetables. Bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes, and garnish with one to two cups of arugula before you serve. For two other delish veggie pizza recipes, click here and here.

Bonus: This dish is rich in lycopene, the bright red pigment that gives the tomatoes their radiance.

2. You can also pickle your vegetables.

Jar of Pickles

Courtesy of Jessica Jones

Remember that hilarious Portlandia skit where they make fun of the pickle craze? (No? Check it out here.) The idea is that almost any food can be pickled, and that includes vegetables. Over the weekend I pickled this jar of cucumbers, and trust me, it was easy as hell. All you have to do is buy a batch of cucumbers, or any veggie of your choosing, and add them to a mason jar. Fill the jar with one cup of distilled white vinegar and one cup of water (make sure the veggies are submerged in fluid). Lastly, add half a tablespoon of salt and your favorite herbs for the win.

Bonus: One pickle is only eight calories—and my gummy vitamins are more than eight calories per serving.

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