8 Quinoa Snacks That Are Healthy and Delicious

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JCoco Agave Quinoa Sesame Chocolate


This superfood-infused chocolate features lightly puffed quinoa drizzled with a light blanket of blue agave and tossed with toasted sesame seeds, all planted in a bed of Vanuatu milk chocolate. Non-GMO and gluten-free, we’re big fans of breaking up a perfectly-portioned one-ounce square into our morning bowl of plain Greek Yogurt and topping with fresh berries, bananas and a swirl of cinnamon.

$7.50 per 3-oz. bar; available at the jcoco pop-up shop in Bellevue, Washington, online and at retailers nationwide

Nuwi Drinkable Quinoa Snack


Who said you can’t have your quinoa and drink it too? Organic, gluten-free and vegan to boot, this no sugar added drink comes in blueberry, banana and apple. Made with pure ingredients, each flavor is made with organic quinoa flour and clocks in at only 135 calories. Best served cold, make sure to shake well before sipping. 

$3 for 10 fl. oz.; currently available at select Whole Foods, Morton Williams and Harris Teeter 

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