Healthy Snacks Your Rabbit Will Love

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Everyone loves a good snack every now and then! The same is true for your rabbits. A good snack can be a nutritious part of a healthy diet. It also sparks your pet’s interest and gives them something to look forward to on a daily basis. Are you in search of healthy snack ideas that your rabbits will love? Use the list below to find snacks that your rabbit is sure to enjoy.


While hay should be an essential part of your pet’s diet, it can also serve as a great snack throughout the day. As a snack option, choose to give your rabbit alfalfa hay as opposed to the regular timothy hay that you feed on a daily basis. The texture and nutritional value is different and this can make for a great snack for your pet.

Fresh food

Perhaps the best snacks to feed your pet are those that are fresh and that will help aid in the digestion process. Keep in mind, however, that fresh food should only be given to your rabbit 2 to 3 times a week. Why? Over feeding your rabbit with fresh food will quickly cause him to begin relying solely on this food for nutrition. Rabbit pellets should make up the majority of your rabbit’s diet. Fresh food that your rabbit will love includes apples, grapes, pears, oranges, mustard greens, beets, parsley, etc. Snacks not to include in your rabbit’s diet include the pits or seeds from fresh fruit. Be sure that you remove all seeds and pits before serving fresh snacks to your pet.

Fibre Rich Pellets / Nuggets

While you don’t want to over feed your rabbit, an occasional snack of extra pellets won’t hurt. If you can’t make it to the store or don’t have hay on hand but feel that you pet deserves a snack, consider giving it a few extra pellets for a snack during the day. You need to ensure though that you are serving fibre rich nuggets rather than sugary muesli, which offers no nutritional goodness to the rabbit whatsoever.

If you want to raise a healthy rabbit, snacks should be included at least 2 to 3 times a week. Keep in mind however, that rabbit that are 6 months or younger, should not be fed a large amount of fresh food. Depending on the age of your rabbit, ration snacks throughout the week while still giving your pet the food that it loves.

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