How to Get Ripped – Lean Body Workout

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If you want to know how to get ripped fast, this lean body workout will provide the answer. In addition to this advanced workout program, you must follow a strict lean body diet plan, optimize your supplement strategy and get plenty of rest. When combined with a burning desire to transform your body and get ripped, the changes will be inevitable. Having said that, let’s get right into this advanced lean body workout.

Ripped Body Workout Routine:

Get Ripped Workout Day 1:

-> Total body strength training, followed by 45-minutes of cardio. Focus is to improve overall strength, quickness and overall conditioning, while creating a significant post-workout spike in metabolism.

-> Perform 6 sets of 6 reps with 30-seconds of rest between working sets, for the following exercises:

– Wide grip pull-ups
– Incline dumbbell chest presses
– Deadlifts
– Dumbbell rear lunges
– Barbell squat cleans
– Barbell push-presses
– Seated calf raises
– One arm kettlebell swings
– Dumbbell side lunges

-> Next, proceed immediately to cardio workout: 25-minutes of treadmill running using random incline levels. Aim to increase running speed by 0.5 mph every 5-minutes.

Get Ripped Workout Day 2:

-> 60-minute cardio session to improve endurance and increase lactate threshold.

– Using treadmill or running outdoors, complete a 60-minute tempo run (make sure you’re running at an uncomfortable pace throughout the entire session – if you can’t make it 60-minutes, start with 30-minutes and work your way up gradually).

Get Ripped Workout Day 3:

-> Circuit training routine combined with plyometric training, to improve muscular endurance, facilitate explosive ability and boost metabolism for ultimate fat-burning. Complete 12 reps of the following exercises back to back, without rest:

– Barbell front squats
– Explosive incline push-ups (6-second eccentric/lowering phase, 1-second pause at bottom and explode on lifting/concentric phase)
– Single leg stability ball leg curls
– Upright rows using dumbbells
– Standing dumbbell shoulder presses
– Box jumps (remember to land as soft and quiet as possible)
– Weighted bench dips
– Split squat jumps (pause 3 seconds in bottom position, explode into the jump, alternating legs in the air, landing softly and slowly lowering back to bottom position)

-> After one circuit, rest 90-seconds, then perform two more circuits, for a total of three intense circuits.

Get Ripped Workout Day 4:

-> Take a rest day or do 30-minutes of light activity (basketball, yard work, cleaning, etc)

Get Ripped Workout Day 5:

-> Same as Day 1 (aim to increase weights used and/or running speed and incline levels; after 8 weeks or plateau, use same exercises but switch to less weight and moderate reps, for example – 3 sets of 12 reps)

Get Ripped Workout Day 6:

-> Same as Day 2 (progression is key – try to improve slightly each and every workout to keep the lean body results coming)

Get Ripped Workout Day 7:

-> Same as Day 3 (change the order of your exercises so that each workout has you starting and ending with a different movement)

After completing one week of this lean body workout, you’ll know how to get ripped once and for all. Please consult a professional if you are unsure of proper form, technique or have general questions about any element of this workout routine.

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