Healthy Recipes For Diabetic Patients

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In the case of diabetes some people think that they should just depend upon the diet plan alone like vegetables and fruits which are sometimes not relevant. Here are some recipes that can be effective for any time of the day and will help you very well as a diabetic.

The first one we will look at is the chicken breast dinner; this is done by soaking a certain amount of chicken breast in Italian dressing and put it in your fridge for about ten hours, and as you get back to the kitchen to start cooking you should apply all your seasonings like your herbs and spices. Place this in the oven for about thirty five minutes or until the chicken is properly done and this can also be served with some great side dishes like salads or even crushed Irish.

The second recipe is known as Spanish eggs roll and this can be done for either lunch or breakfast and to make this you just scramble the eggs in the normal fashion and then add all the diced onions and peepers to your liking. After that process you can just shred some cheese on the top of the eggs and then roll it in a tortilla. The last recipe is the raw food recipe and this is prepared by putting natural grains with fruits and nuts and combining these to either water or milk. This recipe will bring excellent taste and is also very economic on your pocket.

Source Article by Colin Scott

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