Agility Workout Routine

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This agility workout can be set up rather easily. Just mark out five dots on the floor with five centimeter long insulation tapes being the look alike of the number 5. There are five different exercises with five reps for all the drills in the workout and they have to be done one after the other without any break. Please repeat all the drills five times each until you have totaled twenty-five workouts. You will be able to do them between 40 and 50 seconds after you have developed some skills. Please note you should at least have 2 to 4 sets to get optimal results.

Let us now clearly visualize the positions of the five dots on the number 5. The figure has A on the top left, B at the top right, and C in the middle whereas the bottom left and right dots are E and F. The first agility workout known as Up and Back, commences with your feet on D and E. Go hop-jumping to C and then to A and B. Now jump back to C with both feet and continue doing so to D and E. Have 4 reps of this dot drill.

The Right Foot agility workout should see your feet jumping both feet from Up and Back position to D and E before you go to dot C with right foot. Have 4 reps in this fashion. You should now do the Left Foot exercise by going to dot C with your left foot. Have 4 reps of the jumps to dot A, B, C, D and E respectively to finish the Left Foot dot drill. The next drill involves Both Feet. Jump with both feet to C and then to dot A, B, C, D and E and have 4 similar reps.

You will simply be amazed by the excellent results that the dot drill agility workout will produce after you do this training for four weeks.

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