Advanced Plank Exercise

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Want to add another dimension to the traditional plank? Try this advanced plank exercise from Nikki Fogden-Moore.

How to

1. Start with a full-push up position and pull your belly button to your spine to keep your abs engaged at all times.

2. Place your hand underneath the centre of your chest as you move into the opposite arm/opposite leg reach. Pointing your toe as you lengthen and extend the elevated leg, reach your arm straight out in front for a complete top-to-toe stretch.

3. Control your core on the way back to the classic plank/push-up straight-arm pose and repeat on the other side.

4. Lower your body slowly into a low push-up, tucking elbows in by your sides and holding the push-up for a second or more.
Lower your hips, reach up to the sky and push your chest out in front to release the lower back and form a cobra pose (not shown). Squeeze your glutes to take pressure off your lower back. Push your thighs into the ground and extend legs powerfully. This pose is exhilarating.

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