Baby Boomers Influence Health and Wellness Craze

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Baby boomers have been influencing markets for years as this massive portion of the population moved from one stage of life to another. Starting with the success of baby food and baby products many years ago to the current market for senior citizen items, this demographic has created huge success for the companies with the right positioning to take advantage of the buying power of the baby boomers.

As the oldest of the baby boomers became senior citizens several years ago, the markets continue to be influenced by them. They are now having a profound impact on the health and wellness industry. This large segment of the population does not want to age in the normal manner. They want to stay young and vibrant. Biological age is not necessarily going to slow them down. They are willing to buy products which are going to help them to maintain the qualities of youthfulness even though the years have passed.

Although the baby boomers are generally more equipped for retirement and becoming senior citizens than generations past, many have seen their savings and retirement funds erode with the bad economy. Their investments and pensions have quite likely taken a big hit so that they are not as prepared as they had expected.

An increasing number of senior citizens are finding that it is necessary to find some way of supplementing their income. Many seniors are now working menial jobs at places like McDonald’s and Walmart to make ends meet. The younger seniors who are baby boomers may be looking for something which pays better. Many are turning to network marketing (MLM or multi-level marketing) as a means to earn extra money.

Since they are interested in health and wellness and a home based business, the nutritional supplement network marketing companies may be a good fit. They are able to buy some products they like at wholesale (albeit for a higher price than similar products would be sold in retail stores) and have the chance to build a residual income. If they like and believe in the product they are selling, they could find a good market for it among their baby boomer friends. They could find success in this new found venture.

Many baby boomers are used to success in their lives, and they may have the motivation and determination to succeed in network marketing. If they find a company which has a product they like and a compensation plan to benefit them, they may find their place as successful network marketers.

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