Have a question, concern, or need to contact TruVision Health?

We would love to hear it! Check out our FAQ page for our most commonly asked questions. If yours isn’t on the list, shoot me an email or give me a ring! I’m here to help.

Contact TruVision Health

Utah 801-281-7420
USA Toll Free 855-213-TRUV
CAN Customer Service – 778-802-3510
AUS Customer Service – +61 38-820-5450
NZ Customer Service – +64 98-875-073
ZA Customer Service – +27 10-500-8749

Customer Support open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm MST.
Order Entry open Monday-Friday from 8am-8pm MST.
Order Entry open Saturday from 10am-4pm MST.

**If you need to change an order, update autoship, forgot username/password for your TruVision Heatlth account, you need to call the TruVision Corporate office.


CELL:  509-995-5622

(Texting is also an option and often times best for a quick response)


Please use the form below to shoot me an email. Typical response time is under 24 business hours, but can be up to a 48 hour wait.


**If you need to:

  • Change a TruVision product order
  • Update your TruVision smartship
  • Cancel your TruVision smartship
  • Forgot username/password for your TruVision Heatlth account

You need to call the TruVision Corporate office at 801-281-7420 or visit their WEBSITE.


Please note that on 2/1/18 TruVision Health changed their website at www.truvisionhealth.com. If you are a current or previous customer you will need to visit the site above for any questions or concerns. This site is only for new customers looking to order TruVision Health products.

If you’re trying to log into TruVision Health’s corporate website and are unable to, this is because with the new website change, everyone will have to RESET THEIR PASSWORD on the corporate website. To do so, click the ? on the login page and enter your username from the old system (not your associate ID, unless you notified corporate you wanted to use that instead of your username before the switch). If you need any help with login, or orders, you should use the live chat feature on their main page to receive the fastest response.