How to Choreograph an Easy Dance Fitness Routine

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Choreography is all about the music and the students who are in the class. As an instructor you must make dance and exercise moves easy to follow and at the same time make it interesting and fun. Here are some guidelines for fitness instructors to creating a fun, easy dance-fitness routine.

  • Listen to your music over and over. It is important for the instructor to memorize the music to know exactly what phrase comes up next. This way you will be able to have your choreography in memory. By listening to the music you can also note what moves the music inspires you to do. Is there a chorus in the music that you can use to repeat a sequence of steps? Do the lyrics give you some ideas for moves?
  • Pick three steps and repeat them throughout the song in sequence. Each step combination should cover eight counts. The eight counts may be repeated for as long as the phrase lasts in the music. Usually two or four sets of eight counts will fill a musical phrase. Make the steps easy to follow and repeat. After guiding the class through a few phrases they should be able to know which step is coming up next.
  • Use a specific set of steps for the chorus of the song. The chorus is easy for students to pick out and they will know that this is the time to do that specific combination.
  • Create a balance between high and low intensity. If the routine is high energy do not forget to put in a few low impact moves to give the class a rest. You do not want them to have to jump in the air for the entire song.
  • Keep it simple, fun and effective.

Source Article by S. McRee