Lose Weight & WIN!

Want to LOSE WEIGHT & be entered to win $1,000.00? Simply purchase 75pv* in product as a preferred customer or associate by 11:59pm cst on 10/30/17 to be entered to win! If purchasing as an associate, I’ll need to add you to our team group and tag you. Once you’ve completed your order, please text/call me and let me know so I can get you entered ASAP to win! Be sure to let me know your customer/associate ID # as well since it can take up to 24 hours for me to see that you’ve joined on my end.

*PV stands for personal volume. Our truCOMBO weight loss pack and all the truCONTROL kits have at least 75PV. You can also see the total PV from your order upon checkout.


Lose Weight & WIN AGAIN!

We failed you… YOU looked to us to help you with your weight loss goals and it was our responsibility to serve you! You fell off and that we take VERY personally! WE WANT YOU BACK! Your success is so important to us and to prove it we want you to give us another shot! We have been learning a lot and what we do is NOT just about business! It is about changing lives like ours have! SO give us a chance to SERVE you! We believe that YOU CAN DO THIS!

Every person that places an order and purchases their weight loss combo and whatever support products you need to support a COMEBACK between 10/27/17 AND midnight MST on 10/31/17. We will enter you into a drawing to win $2,500 and you can look to me and my uplines to help you with your PERSONAL weight loss goals! Together we can help you GET to those goals!

YOU MUST send me a text with your name ASAP so I can get you entered before a winner is drawn. My cell phone is located in the contact section. If you need help logging into your account, please message me. If you remember your log in information go to www.truvisionhealth.com and select LOG IN.