5 Simple Health and Wellness Activities That Anyone Can Easily Implement

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How many of you get ideas when taking a shower?  I’ve heard a number of people say that creative ideas come to them when they’re “all wet.”  I’m no exception.  I’ve realized that people enjoy short, doable bullets that they can easily begin to implement when making changes around their health and wellness.  So, last week I had a few bubble to the surface while in the shower.

  1. Five days a week eat an organic apple.  We all know that eating apples are a good thing for us to do.  What can you do to become more diligent about eating an apple a day?  Since apples are one of the highest sprayed crops in terms of pesticide use, I recommend eating organic apples.  Most supermarkets are now carrying some organic produce and apples are usually one of the most popular items.  Buying them in two to three pound bags is usually more economical.  Apples contain fiber, antioxidants and phytonutrients, all of which benefit our bodies.
  2. Seven times a week eat a large leafy, green salad.  (Iceberg lettuce does NOT count here.)  Use organic spring mix, mixed baby greens or romaine lettuce.  Include spinach and lots of other fresh vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots, colored peppers, onions, tomatoes and avocados.  Many nutritional experts advocate eating a fresh, green salad with lunch AND dinner.  In case that’s a bit much for some of our readers, begin with eating one seven times a week.  We enjoy walnuts and or sunflower seeds on our salads as well as a few dried cranberries.
  3. At least three times a week have eggs for breakfast instead of cereal.  I don’t recommend eating cereal at all but if you’re beginning to make a shift here, then begin with eating eggs a few days instead of cereal.  Eat the entire egg, the way God created it.  Soft boiled, scrambled, or over easy are all acceptable.  I recommend using coconut oil for cooking.  By the way, eggs do NOT cause elevated cholesterol.  That’s a huge myth and a topic for a future article.
  4. Five nights a week get to bed before or by 10:30.  Your body will thank you.  Again, most wellness gurus say to be consistent every night of the week with the bedtime, most maintaining that 10:00 is optimum.  However, if you’re accustomed to staying up until 11:30, then begin by backing up your bedtime to 10:30 at least five nights a week, then optimally 10:00 each night.  The body repairs, restores and recharges itself while we sleep.  Inadequate rest and sleep contributes to many health issues and may even shorten life span by eight to ten years.
  5. Decrease your intake of fried foods to…ZERO times a week.  Seriously, there are no acceptable numbers for eating fried foods.  If you’re currently eating fried foods, then may I challenge you to examine how many times a week you’re eating them, and decrease that number starting today.  Fried foods are one of the worst health robbers that we could ever eat.  Why risk eating them?

Source Article by Sharon Graham

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