An Easy Healthy Diet Plan – Cooking in Bulk For Your Diet Plan

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An easy healthy diet plan is even easier when you cook your healthy meals in bulk. This is much easier than it sounds. Cooking in bulk can either mean cooking one extra meal at a time or a month’s worth of extra meals at a time. Of course, cooking for a month’s worth of extra meals takes a bit more planning and preparation. So, if you’re just starting out, you may want to just try one or two extra meals at a time.

What healthy foods are on sale usually determines what I decide to cook in bulk. For example, I buy lean ground beef in bulk since it’s less expensive. I brown the full package at once and make several meals at one time. Since you already have the ingredients on hand and readily available, it only makes sense to prepare extra meals at the same time.

Here is a small sampling of some easy healthy diet plan recipes that are easy to cook in bulk.

Healthy Lean Ground Beef Recipes – You can easily brown 5 pounds of lean ground beef and make up several healthy meals. For example, spaghetti, chilli, tacos, and casseroles are only a few ideas that come to mind.

Healthy Chicken Recipes – One of my favorite bulk cooking techniques is to place a full chicken into the crockpot in the morning and make several recipes when I get home from work. My favorites include chicken enchiladas, chicken and brown rice, and chicken taco soup.

Healthy Turkey Recipes – You can do the same thing with turkey, but you may need to substitute cooking it in the oven rather than a crockpot because of its size. There is so much turkey meat that I usually make up some recipes and then divide up the rest into smaller packages for the freezer. I use turkey in the same type of recipes as I would use chicken. To me, they are basically interchangeable.

An easy healthy diet plan is not as daunting when you cook your healthy recipes in bulk. Actually, it becomes a fun project. Not only are you cooking a lot of great recipes in advance, they are all healthy which makes it even easier to stay on track with eating healthy foods.

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