Best Routine for Size and Strength: Bodybuilding Vs Powerlifting Routines

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Powerlifting routines incorporate the bread and butter exercises of weightlifting; the bench, squat and deadlift, and aim to increase these lifts as much as possible whether for a powerlifting competition or sport. An athlete can increase performance through their strength by developing these lifts with a solid powerlifting routine. By doing a powerlifting routine you can make significant gains in strength but are unlikely to pack on as much muscle as you would with a bodybuilding routine.

Beginner powerlifting routines generally includes a linear progression of weight in the three main lifts with a higher frequency in the amount of times the lift is performed each week. This can be done as it takes advantage of a beginners ability to make gains in strength at a much faster rate. A more advanced type of routine is generally non-linearly progressive with fewer max effort attempts per week but the exercises are performed with greater intensity. Some accessory exercises may be implemented to assist with the main lifts as well as balancing the body and building some muscle.

In contrast, bodybuilding focuses on hypertrophy which includes a higher rep range and a different style of training. Typically involving a split of different body parts with exercises in the 8-15 range. By doing a bodybuilding routine one can expect an increase in muscle mass as well as small increase in strength.

If your goal is to build both strength and put on muscle than which style of training is better: powerlifting or bodybuilding? What most people don’t release is that you can combine both styles of training in a way known as powerbuilding.

I would highly recommend anyone who wants both size and strength to do a powerbuilding routine as doing both power and hypertrophy styles of training complement each other and generate much greater results. By increasing the amount of weight that can be lifted the potential for growth when doing a bodybuilding style of training also increases.

If you think about it, when doing a bench press at 300lbs for 10 reps there would be a greater potential for growth then doing 200lbs for 10 reps. This would allow for a greater overload on the muscles producing an increased response for growth. And by building more muscle mass through bodybuilding there is greater potential for force to be produced due to bigger muscle fibres.

You ideally get the best of both worlds when following a powerbuilding routine.

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