Is TruVision Health A Scam

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I hear this all the time: “is TruVision Health a scam?” I’ve been in a few Network Marketing Companies, all have been able to at least provide me with my autoship or product for free, which was great, but never made any actual money in the business which is why so many network marketers fail in their business. Now there’s several reasons why most fail and why I’ve failed until I discovered few simple tips that the top earners in several network marketing companies have already learned.


The most annoying thing about being in network marketing, is constantly getting asked “Is TruVision Health a scam?” Of course not! In order to be a pyramid scheme, or scam company, you don’t provide anything for the money you pay. In TruVision Health, we’re a product based multi-level marketing company who distributes their products with the help of open-minded people who realize the income cap of a 9-5 job and want more! More freedom, more time, more money, more vacation, etc. If TruVision Health was a scam, we wouldn’t have so many people who’ve ranked to our one star director (avg. income of about $2200) and above! We’ve also currently got THREE annual Million Dollar earners in the 3 years TruVision has been in business.



I think the first biggest mistake I was doing was trying to market to those that didn’t need or want my product or business opportunity. An example of this is trying to recruit someone who’s set in the “working for the man” type of life. They just can’t fathom being their own boss and not working for someone. Trying to get someone with this mindset as a distributor will first off never make you any money other than their autoship purchase and you’ll only get them mad at you for them not making money like they hoped they would make. This is those who are searching for “Make Money Quick” on google. They don’t understand that owning and growing a business takes time and consistency.

When trying to find people to buy your product, you also need to know who to market to or you’ll be throwing away money and time trying to grow your business. FaceBook understands this, which is why they monitor your online activity to sell it to entrepreneurs to hopefully get you to buy more. One example I heard from a mentor was using an example of a company that sells breakfast sandwiches trying to get customers. She mentioned a lady that’s got to get her kids ready in the morning and get to work by 6 a.m. and can’t be late who doesn’t have time to make herself anything for breakfast. She continued how if the Breakfast Sandwich Company lived within 5-10 minutes of this lady and they opened at 5 am when their competitors didn’t open until 6 am, their advertising message would want to focus on how you do have time to get a good breakfast in with a breakfast sandwich from XYZ Company located just 5 minutes from (target market area) open at 5 am daily to start your day off right.

By figuring out who you want as a client, and targeting your marketing efforts to reach them, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and energy and see better returns on your investment. Having owned a successful photography business for 8 years, I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t thought about putting this practice I already used in that business into my network marketing companies. After hearing that webinar, it was like a light suddenly came on and after only a week of focusing on speaking to my “TARGET MARKET” I was able to get a new Associate in Arkansas and a new Preferred Customer in Texas! I’d say this tip sure did pay off.


Now this one sounds pretty straight forward right? Well you’d be amazed at how many people start off all “petal to the metal” but after a few days, a week, or maybe they even last a full month, they start to slack off. Why? Probably because they don’t have a marketing plan or schedule laid out to help them be consistent. I can attest to personally how important this is, especially when utilizing online marketing either through social media or blogging. You may not know this, but statistics show that when someone sees your post 5-20 times you have an 80% chance of closing the sale and drops down to only 20% when they’ve seen it 4 times, 5% for 3 times, 3% for 2 times and less than 1% of people will buy your product or join your team when they’ve seen it only once.

So why is this important? Well most people, even those that are actively seeing your posts, only see about 2-4 of them a day when you post 10-20 times a day! If you’re thinking “Oh I am embarrassed or scared to post daily to my social media account for fear of losing my friends or family or being thought of as annoying,” let me ask you this…Do you really know how many posts they’re seeing and second, are they paying your bills? Chances are the answer to both are NO! So get over yourself and your insecurities and start being consistent. Write out a schedule of what you want to write about, what you want to share and when you’ll share it, or sign up for a program that allows you to schedule posts on all your social media sites quickly such Social Pilot does.¬†Also if you don’t have a blog already for your Network Marketing business, whether that be TruVision Health, ItWorks, Jamberry, Younique, Isagenix, etc., I highly suggest creating one and posting daily. You’d be amazed at how quickly you can build your business with blogging and being able to get your site above even that of the actual company you work for on Google!

Having failed in building any sort of income with my two previous companies, when I saw how amazing TruVision Health’s compensation plan was and that I could actually earn income FIVE WAYS, I knew I had to try and figure out just how these people in the other companies were doing it. So I scoured YouTube and started watching about 30 minutes to 4 hours of videos for how to grow your network marketing business daily. The crazy thing is since I started investing time into myself and my business, my TruVision business has made me more in the past month than the other two companies combined made me in 6 months! So follow the two steps I mentioned above and also take at least 5-10 minutes a day and listen to some of the industry leaders that understand this business talk, it really is inspiring and will help you reach your financial goals.

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