Network Marketing Tips – Determining Your Target Market

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Yesterday I wrote a Network Marketing Tips post about the two biggest things I was doing wrong in Network Marketing that were causing my business to not grow. One of them being not marketing or knowing my target market. Your target market is extremely important in running a successful Network Marketing Business and the reason why those that are good at it can sell anything to anyone based upon not good selling techniques, but by knowing their target market and the people that need the product. Take for example if you’re in the business of selling weight loss supplements and you’re marketing to those that don’t need or want to lose weight, you’re not going to make very many sales. If your product is helping people lose 10 plus pounds a month without having to diet or exercise like TruVision Health’s supplements, and I look for places where people who need to lose 50 plus pounds are shopping, are working out, are browsing the web on, etc., the chances of me making more sales has just quadrupled.


So how do you find out who your target market is? Well that might be the tricky part and require some research, but trust me it’s worth it! You’ll want to grab a pen and paper and start writing down the answers to questions such as:

  1. Where does your target client work?
  2. Where do they shop?
  3. Where do they live?
  4. What are their interests?
  5. What are their problems that you have solutions to? (i.e. they struggle with losing weight and everything they’ve tried doesn’t work if you sell weight loss pills)
  6. How much money do they make? (If they don’t make enough money to buy your products, then you don’t want to market to them)
  7. What’s their home life like?
  8. What’s their work life like?

Once you’ve completed this step, you’re ready to move on to the next step of attracting the right clients and increasing your Network Marketing skills.


Take a look at the product or products you’re trying to sell and what problems they help your target client solve. Using TruVision Health as an example and their amazing combo pack of truFix and truWeight & Energy, some problems my target market would face would be:

  • Problem losing weight and keeping it off (this combo pack targets the problem at the root to get your body working how it should through re-writing your blood chemistry)
  • No time to exercise to lose weight (truWeight & Energy helps with this)
  • No desire or time to eat healthy (truFix helps them quit junk food and crave healthier options)
  • Health issues such as diabetes, thyroid, blood pressure, blood sugar, chronic pain, etc. (truFix helps to re-write your blood chemistry helping to fix your health issues at the root instead of masking the problem with prescription drugs. Many people have actually been able to slowly get off their prescriptions with the help of this supplement)

I’ve listed the top four problems I believe my target market has. Now that I’ve determined their problems that they need a solution to, next we need to create a message that tells them we have a solution.


Now that you’ve determined who your target market is, you now need to create a message to reach your target market and let them know that you have the solution to their problem. Going on with targeting those that need to lose 50 plus pounds and selling TruVision’s supplements that have helped me lose weight, my message might read something like:

Are you like me and struggled to lose weight? Tried diet pill after diet pill that either did nothing, or worked for about a week and then stopped working? Is your life too hectic to find time to go to the gym regularly and cook super healthy food? TruVision Health’s got a naturally based supplement that’s here to help you lose that excess body fat you’re struggling to lose with no change to diet or exercise. Discover what thousands are loving and losing weight with by fixing your body from the inside out without the harsh effects of thermogenics like other diet pills use. If you’d like to lose four to eight pounds this week, try out our one week sample pack and see if TruVision is right for you.

In this I’ve told my client how I too have struggled with weight, and tried diets that just didn’t work and showed them the solution I have to help them lose the weight they can’t seem to lose simply by taking my product. You can even create several pages on your blog, or several different marketing campaigns to further target those specifically wanting to get off of their prescription drugs and show testimonials of those who’ve got off insulin with the help of TruVision. You can specifically target those looking for energy, just wanting weight loss, and do this for each of the specific products your company offers.


This one may be tricky for you if you’re strictly looking to reach people in person as a Network Marketer and not utilize the power of the internet. Continuing on with trying to find people that want to lose weight fast, I might want to see about working with a gym or personal trainer to have them share with their customers that also are my target market my supplement that can help them maximize their workout results.

I might leave door fliers in neighborhoods with nicer houses as the majority of people living in apartment complexes probably wouldn’t be able to afford my $100 a month product that I’m trying to sell. Don’t get me wrong here, I lived in an apartment and could afford this product, and I’m sure there are several others that can too, but remember we’re not trying to just get a few apples from the tree. We want to make sure the apples on the tree are that much closer to us on the bottom so we’re not having to try and find a ladder, move it here, move it there, just to find five more apples. If you’ve got a product for older clients, a country club, or retirement community might be a good place to reach your target market.

So based upon the information you listed in steps one and two, take a look at their problems, where they might be searching for solutions to those problems, and the locations your target market lives, shops and works and what medium would be able to reach them best. This can be radio, fliers, online advertising, social media, newspaper ads, etc. The thing is there’s no right way to advertise when you know who you’re advertising to, they all work, it’s just a matter of knowing if the people you’re trying to sell to are on Facebook, are reading the paper, are listening to that radio station etc.

Start delivering solutions and stop being a peddler of goods trying to sell to everyone you come across. I find it funny how most Network Marketers say just keep getting those no’s you’ll eventually start seeing yeses. Well if you figure out who you’re marketing to and how to reach them, the amount of no’s you’ll have to get will be about 10 times less than if you’re just sprinkling a bunch of seeds everywhere, wasting your money hoping one of them turns into a flower. Stop blaming your upline, how the company’s comp plan isn’t working, how the products don’t work, and every other excuse you’re coming up with as to why you’re failing at Network Marketing and jumping from one MLM company to another and take the steps you need to, to determine your target market.

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